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Slender: The Arrival obsessive player of all Five nights at Freddy’s 3
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Fnaf 3 -You'll be able to not attack or fight Slender Man that will only run, operate as significantly as is possible.

Core factors of a thriller situated in th sport triggers fear for players, and this time we will fulfill yet again Slender Gentleman character once more. This character is really a mysterious creature has appeared in the society and Western mythology for therefore lengthy. If sometime you unintentionally face an infinite graphic in black go well with, white shirt, crimson tie, elegant, outsized top, very long arms like tentacles of precisely the same faces lacking eyes mouth; then that is the Slender Male.

Not just appears to be like Odd, Additionally, it possesses the chance to invade the human intellect, generate the illusion, led them for the deserted woods exactly where it murdered. You could not attack or fight Slender Male character, what you are able to do is run, run as much as possible, take the concern out on the shoulder; thats what this creature will become scarier than monsters mediocre lot.

The game’s story revolves across the character Lauren Arrival – the protagonist of the game when Kate visits her Pal just misplaced her mother, Lauren’s auto unlucky face fallen trees blocking The trail forcing her to wander all the way remaining. When we arrived, there have been no residences, no shut doorways locked, indoor packed with whimsical drawings. Quickly a scream sounded creepy, identified to determine what was occurring, Lauren go ahead in the evening, the nightmare starts right here. Straightforward story around the premise only for the spooky sensation that gamers are going to practical experience.

Future, the sport entire world is no more confined The Arrival of a more dim woods that prolonged greatly, from the home until the mines wild, sunlit hillside. Every place has distinctive jobs to complete Lauren. The common flashlight head is one of the very first things you get, in addition to food, “weapon” most credible when wandering in gloomy darkness.

The Arrival1

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The legend of Slender Male character inherently scary video game The Arrival is reinforcing fears that better. Tall silhouette without experience often hovering around you, the display results in being distorted when Lauren looked at him which you could rarely stand to look at the capabilities this murderous ghosts. You are able to speedily obtain a way to flee the killers abruptly look. But in the event the deserted mines of chapter three, where by very slim aisles, devices, equipment were almost everywhere, each echoes of footsteps or whine someplace was more than enough to get you frantically operating. In addition There may be the existence of a completely new enemy: a white shirt monster that afterwards we acquired it absolutely was Kate – her Pal now has the minions of assassins Slender Person.

Improved graphics compared to preceding Edition Despite the fact that not on the extent remarkable. If just about...Read More

Amnesia: The Dark Descent makes players more fearful Five nights at Freddy’s 3
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Fnaf 3   – Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game of survival horror genre since the launch date so far has led to players in the form of the most intrepid heart stood almost as well as frightening extent and horror that game creation out.

Has a long, dark shadow is an attractive topic for everyone, especially with the home made horror game. Therefore, not only the big studios, but also the game makers are fully exploited on this topic with numerous different story, then have one thing in common is to create fear for participants play . Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent is no exception. This game was born bearing huge responsibility that is giving fans the emotions of fear to whom horrible horror titles not previously done.

The story begins with innumerable questions revolving around the protagonist named Daniel. It was the days of mystery and scary. He wakes up in a mysterious castle, Daniel does not remember anything about his past since he was brought here, the only thing that he knew this time it was to find ways to escape from here before being killed himself.

Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent esque true survival horror as the game does not give you any weapon to fight. That means completely passive player before any existing hazards around. The only companion of Daniel during the journey just a flickering oil lamp with the meager amount of salt, gamers mission is to explore every corner of the castle and puzzles to find outlet for his character.
Unlike typical scare entrance, game Amnesia completely let gamers themselves feel danger around. The main light and shadow play a very important role in the game as directly affect the main characters.


Link  :  http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

Game Amnesia completely let gamers themselves feel danger around. The main light and shadow play a very important role in the game as directly affect the main characters. If standing in the dark could help Daniel get rid of the monsters sight it points his sanity decline, then Sanity will subside bar low and may cause dizziness him causing surface somewhat difficult to control. If lighting up or stand in places where light can help Daniel recovered, the other such that, in turn tell the enemy yet know where your at and at that point you just have to run as if lives depended do not want to spoil the hungry demons. Nowhere is safe, meaning that you have to use kerosene lamps and candles so that the most effective if it is to survive and escape from this mysterious place.


In terms of image, to say that it has done very good frictional Games even if its workforce is not much, and audio arrays also impressed gamers when playing. Surely you will be hair-raising when there is a little noise suddenly rang out suddenly, and just a little was enough nerves always extreme stress and scream.

...Read More
Game Dead Island was rated no worse Five nights at Freddy’s 3
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fnaf   - Game Dead Island is one of the MOBA is expected today. Game opened the door and get the attention of the majority of gamers worldwide.

Horror degree of games built in this zombie theme is assessed not inferior cult horror game series Five nights at Freddy’s.

The game takes place in the resort Palms Resort in Banoi, Papua New Guinea. Dead Island takes the player to a world of death to determine the presence of living everywhere. The player plays a character in Xian Mei 4 (hotel staff), Logan (athlete surfing), Sam B (former rapper) and Purma. These 4 characters are immune to the zombie.

Game Dead Island begins with the character wakes up at midnight after dinner and found almost all residents were turned into zombies Palms Resort. This is a very terrible truth. The first mission of the game is for players familiar with the game. Characters trapped in a tent at the coast with few survivors. One of them require outside help characters succumb to the zombies. Then picked protagonist ground paddle and walked out of the tent.

Enemies in the game Dead Island is diverse. Currently, some types of zombies has been revealed. The Suicider with large body and growing ulcers all over her. The Butcher bringing human form, long hair and 2 arm amputated. The Ram wear tight coats, mouth masks. The Drowner have red eyes, covered in slime. They are terrible and frightening.

Dead Island1

Link  :  http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

When the beginning of the game, the undead moving relatively slowly. Therefore, solving them is quite easy for any gamer. However, after completing a few certain tasks, players will encounter many enemies with speed and very healthy. This will require you to dexterity and agility than in combat operations.
The primary weapon of the player is initially mounted a baseball bat spiked. Gamers can upgrade and damage to its accessories in the workshop. After that, players will participate in the play called Time To Kill by adventure to some parts of the island and kill zombies.

Dead Island’s gameplay emphasizes perspective first action style open world. Interoperability of the game is very good environment. The game supports co-op play for up to 4 people via LAN and online. Besides, the game also focus on exploiting the elements melee (melee), refine weapons and weaponry, RPG features …


The game’s graphics are quite nice evaluation, especially when simulating the natural landscape and water garden on the island. Zombie detailed design, prominent veins on each face and body. Interactive system and destroy good, especially in those moments clash characters and destroy enemies.

One other notable point of Dead Island is its appearance stamina bar. After fighting with a weapon in a certain time, the character must pause to “energy charged” for weapons to be able to continue to use. This is a growing challenge for the players participating in games. However, this difference promises to make game...Read More

Lakeview Cabin Collection not inferior Five nights at Freddy’s 3 about the horror
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Game Lakeview Cabin Collection was launched and giving the gamers to enjoy the feeling of “chilling” literally.

If a person or track animated films on the internet, make sure you will never forget the Happy Tree Friends, short animation series with the bold nature scenes … 18+, not because of the openings cave only for adulthood, but because of the relatively macabre images only seen in horror films but rather carefully hidden beneath the crust cute, fun and colorful of this film.

Recently, a new indie game called Lakeview Cabin Collection was launched. Similar games Happy Tree Friends cartoon, this game also gives the player the feeling of “chilling” literally. However, all with the use of funny cartoon images.
Lakeview Cabin Collection is a horror game episodic comedy, inspired by the classic slasher movie.

Get ready to die violently and have fun while doing it! Controlling a youth group and enjoy your time on different environments. – Use the tools provided in a creative way and defeat the evil!  fnaf 3

The game had an animated appearance a year ago. It is a hassle for a dev group. This graphical style that used for the initial Lakeview Cabin much easier, and it ensures that the game really is done.


Link  :  http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

In Lakeview Cabin Collection game, the game will be played campers participate in a meeting in a deserted campgrounds and backcountry. Sounded like horror movies, right? And then these miserable fools, unable to defend themselves become prey of mutants who, not unlike the guy like Jason in Friday the 13th, Ghostface in Scream or such. The pitfalls, difficulties began stalking party anytime.

You’ll be able to do anything they want in the game, from strolling around, to sit and drink some beer to have refreshments. But all your procrastination are not effective against your enemies. Sooner or later, you will be faced with dangerous bloodthirsty lurking somewhere in the world of gaming. Meanwhile, things will become extremely bad, and you will have to do everything just to survive only.


Play through it very attractive, but the beauty of the game lies in the atmosphere of the game screen. you’ll be fumbling gradual so as not to end up like the guy, the guy with the bad girl killer “act” before. Despite owning only 8-bit images, but they all bring a sense of extreme realism, life-like game called Lone Survivor indie disaster earlier this zombie.
Contrary to death, the image of this game is built like a funny cartoon character. However, behind it is a macabre world without warning. you will certainly be chilling quickly. However, be prepared and prove that you are a brave man.
Along with the photos are from the audio sound. Designed pretty chin chu up the audio in the game also gives players many different emotions.
Currently Lakeview Cabin Collection was released on Steam platform at a price of $ 10.

Search:...Read More

Resident Evil HD super dangerous Remaster- opponents of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3
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fnaf3  -  Unlike many horror games are released in recent time, Resident Evil HD Remaster game takes players back to the traditional style of horror. Want to complete the game, gamers must utilize different tactics altogether if want to return the entire network.

Avoid direct clashes
Resident Evil HD Remaster game is very different from today’s horror games. In the game, guns always in shortage, to the players never have more than three rounds of ammunition in a bag. Therefore, if circumstances allow, restrict the use of weapons as much as possible to avoid unnecessary losses. For example, a player without wasting too much ammunition to kill the snake in the face Yawn it the first time or with Tiran when they encounter it on the terrace.

Do not forget Crimson Head
Crimson Head can move very fast speed, the ability to run and jump of them have surpassed humans. Their wildly stronger with the fatal bite, claw terrible blow from sharp claws, they even attack the other zombies in their path. To prevent a Crimson Head zombies change we need to shoot zombies tank top or burn them. However, there is another way to become a Crimson Head zombies no, that’s not beat them when they were still able to move, which is also consistent with avoiding clashes tactic to save bullets.

Be prepared to … go back

One reason Crimson Head became annoyed monster was caught by Resident Evil players to wander in an area of ​​the map several times. This same hallway, sometimes players have to go through it no less than a dozen times just to do a task, solving a puzzle, open a door … This is not only time consuming but also makes people Discouraged impatient.

For best results, be sure to memorize the shortest distance of the villa, and fire guns to clean up that ramp. Players should give priority to the room with a typewriter and that day, for instance, have room hallway health by character will have to go through here no less than ten times.


Link  :  http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

Just save the game at important places

In this game, checkpoint to save game no longer exists, instead of typewriters and cartridges, things were familiar to gamers in Resident Evil. The more difficult modes of play, the less number of cartridges, while there are many areas to and fro to ten times, especially since the puzzles in the game are not always easy to resolve. Therefore, try to break between the time saved game to save, and only have to use it before entering the boss fight or encounter difficulty killing monsters like Hunter.

Manage items

Characters will only have 8 boxes containing items and soon, those cells will be filled, because the game has quite a few things that can pick up and all useful at all. Thus, whenever a temporary safety, stop to check the items, at least 4...Read More

Five Nights at Freddy`s 3- scary horror title
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FNAF 3 – Game genre of point-and-click, survival horror, released by indie developer Scott Cawthon, the third game in the series games Five Nights at Freddy’s. Presumably the action game is set in 2017 (30 years after the second part).

It was originally placed in Steam Greenlight and approved by the community for the release of Steam. March 2 released version for the PC, March 7 released version for Android, and on 12 March came the version for iOS.
The game takes place 30 years after the pizzeria «Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza» closed. Occurring in the murder of six) have become nothing more than rumors. The owners decided to revive the legend of pizza, creating «Fazbear Fright: The Horror Attraction» (eng. “Horror stories Fazbera: Attraction horror”). Searching the derelict building pizza, they found a lot of old parts, dismantled animatronics and made a surprising discovery in the form of one (strongly battered but relatively whole) animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy's4

Link  :  http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

On a post guard in the open is not an attraction arranged an unknown person. He will be working in this institution. During the first two nights of the guard calls the phone the guy who tells him of his duties. On the second night the phone guy says he will stavezhimom suit that people can use and some other things that will help to fully understand the plot of the game. About them tells the other person (the guy from the phone the previous parts). These recordings are played throughout the rest nights.

At the end of every night the player is able to play a mini-game. For four nights, we learn that when the pizzeria was already abandoned, animatronics were fully serviceable. It becomes clear why animatronics were dismantled. They in turn dismantled Purple people. On the fifth night of the spirits of all five children surrounded Violet person who is in the secret room (about it tells one of the recordings on the tape).

Purple Man frightened and to hide from the ghosts, puts on a suit SpringTrapa, hoping they will not get it. Purple guy starts laughing, but suddenly mechanism closes (about the “features” the suit says telephone man), a spring suit straightened, releasing endoskeleton suit that person and kills Violet. Hence the name of animatronics (“Spring Trap”). While he was bleeding to death, beating in its death throes on the floor.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: horror game but attractive
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Independent developers still could not be more eloquent proof that in order to become a successful game, the only thing she needs – is to be unique and interesting and popular enough it itself.  fnaf 3

That game developer «Five Nights at Freddy’s» Coughton named Scott did not create another shooter or strategy and created a unique project in the genre of “horror”. The first part of the game telling us about the young guard, who found work at a small pizzeria. Visitors to the restaurant lured using robots in suits of all kinds of animals – bears, dogs and cats (and sometimes people in the advertising of such costumes can be found in shopping centers).

Five Nights at Freddy's4

Link  :  http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

Actually, these robots costumes were the main wealth of pizzerias and so they are always guarded with special attention, to the point that in the storage rooms of these suits were installed cameras. But who would have thought that these animatoroniki nightly live their lives and now our hero is in danger! In the first part, we had to help him get through the week. The second part is not far removed from its predecessor, but the story she became the first part of a prequel.

It is difficult to explain the whole gameplay, but it is based on deception and trickery – in order to survive, players will have to continually think and react to changing conditions. Coupled with the sudden influx of adrenalin (when strongly monsters will appear in your field of vision), the problem becomes very difficult, and sometimes impossible. Developers have tried to change the gameplay so that «Five Nights at Freddy’s 2″ on Android has the most replay value of the game – so it can be held in different ways several times.

Appearance “freddis 2″ remains at the level of the first part. We’re just going to wander around the office sloppy, poking around in the hellish mess and get away from the creepy creatures. If you start to meticulously compare the first and second parts of the graph, then of course you can find a lot of small differences in favor of a sequel, but the newcomers are unlikely to appreciate the graphics of this game.

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